I'm the founder of Enfants d'Hispaniola and president of the Sapatè Mission. Making a difference has always been a top priority in my life. I grew up with missionaries who came to Haiti to bring hope to the people and I feel called to do the same.

Woualy RODRIGUE: Vice-President & Attorney

In every society, children are hope for the future. Many children in Haiti don't have access to education. I join this mission because I share the vision of Enfant d'Hispaniola for making children education a top priority.

Gilda Norma ALEXANDRE: Secretary

The reason why I get involved with the organization is because it's about children. Children are the most vulnerable in a society especially in Haiti. They face all kinds of challenges: lack of food, shelter, education. As a social worker I feel obligated not only to defend the rights of these children but also to help them in any way possible.  

Ralph Sander METELLUS: Coordinator

I join this mission for its focus on supporting and educating children for a better future for my country. This has always been my vision sharing God's love through passion, commitment and dedication by helping them with their daily life struggles.

Vanissa DORVIL: Volunteer

I am interested in bringing change especially to those less fortunate. After learning about the organization, I have decided to volunteer because it is dedicated to education and basic healthcare for the children. 

Bethnyflor SAMEDI: Volunteer

I volunteer to be part of this because my passion is to help children especially the most vulnerable ones to make sure they get the education they need. I really believe that children are the future.

Frenel FRANCOIS: Volunteer

I join this organisation to be part of those who work to better lives and build a better future for the people of Sapatè. Children are the future of tomorrow. They need to be protected an be respected. They deserve to be raised in a way to be builders of a better tomorrow.