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Sapaterre Mission School

The Sapaterre Mission school project was begun in 2008 with grassroots support and governance by Children Hispanoila, a Haitian non-profit organization.  

The Sapaterre Mission School serves 175 children from 1st  through 6th grades. Sapaterre is one of several neighboring villages with a combined population of about two thousand inhabitants. Residents do not have access to electricity, healthcare, or education; for some, even food is a struggle. Some children walk for nearly an hour to reach the school with empty stomach. While education is the school’s priority, with its limited resources the staff tries to provide some food and assistance with healthcare.

Special Thanks to the Krohm Family

The School is supported in part by the family of Bernadette Krohm, who loved children and teaching them.

 Please help us make a difference in the lives of the children of Sapaterre.



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$125 =8,125 Gourdes  can send a child to school with uniform, books, school supplies and school bag.


$1000=65,000 Gourdes can pay a teacher for a year.

School Repair Project This Summer

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My Channel


June 15, 2019 Clinic Mobil

Sapaterre Clinic Mobil June 15 2019


Before summer vacation hot meal June 2019

What you give to the poor, you lend to God.(Haitian Proverb)

    October 22, 2018 Meet the teachers


    Light in Sapaterre, Thanks to our donors