Mission Statement 


Providing the best possible academic, physical and social education to the children of Hispaniola to achieve a slow growing transformation from poverty to empowered and caring citizens of the island.



Mission nou se ede timoun yo jwenn yon bon edikasyon fizik e sosyal. Ak yon ankadreman parey, nap rive transfome lavi yo, ede yo soti nan mize pou yo ka konstrui yon demen miyo pou tet pa yo ak fanmiy yo.

Our Vision 


Our visison is helping as many children as possible become descent citizens. We firmly believe that children cannot be the future of the island that covers both Haiti especially in the are of Sapate while they are living on the streets and exposed to all kinds of threats.We are motivated and dedicated to help the children reach their potential as people created in the image and likeness of God. We believe in the need to alleviate the sufferings of those children by providing them access to some basic necessities such as shelter, food, healthcare, and education. While education is our priority, we are planing to provide people in the area access to drinking water by building wells. we are also going to start a micro credit small business for women in the Sapatè area as well. If you would like to be a part of this great cause, please join us by helping us with your prayers and generosity.


Nou vreman kwè timoun yo se lavni peyia. E timoun yo pa ka lavni peyia si yo pa jwenn ankadreman ke yo bezwen you yo grandi tan moun. Yo paka lavni peyia pandan yo ap domi nan lari, yo paka manje, yo pa ka ale lekol. Misyon nou se we koman nou ede moun Sapate jwenn aksè ak bon dlo potab, lekol pou timoun yo, swen sante e latriye. Nou gen pou nou mete yon ti micro credi nan zone la pou ede fanm komanse yon ti komès. Nou envite-w vini patisipe nan gran projè sa. Nou konte sou ou e pa bliye nou nan lapriyè ou.


Current School
                      Our vision

This is the condition of the school now in Sapate. No walls, the roof leaks when it rains, there is no drinking water for the children. There are four classrooms in this small unfinished house. Please, join us as we are trying to build better learning environment for them. Help us making a difference.