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We are a group of local Haitian who have come together to make a difference mainly in the area of Hinche. we have visited Sapate, Labeg, Laspatille. we have talked with the people to know how they live and what their needs are. we have realized that those people do not have access to the basics such as drinking water, outdoor toilets, food and school for their children. 


The needs are great not only in the central plateau but in th entire country.  We cannot address all of them at the same time. Now we are focusing on providing drinking water for the people of Sapate. Join us in our dedication to make a difference. Help us build a well for the people of Sapate.


Nou menm se yon group Ayisyen ki nan zone Hinche la. Nou mete tet nou ansanm pou nou ka we koman nou ka ede moun nan zone Sapate gen yon lavi miyo. Moun yo bezwen dlo, lekol, manke, swen sante. Si ou pataje menm vizyon sa ak, nou envite vini bay kout men pa ou pou nou ka sove lavi moun yo.

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