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Financial Support


You can help by making a financial donation. Make the check payable to Sapate Mission, Haiti and send it to our contact person's address: 









Spread the Word


Another way to help out is by spreading the word—by telling people about Sapate Mission and the water project.  You would be amazed at the impact this can have.  Our goal is to build a good network of people who share our vision. Help us tell this story on social Medias: Facebook, twitter etc. Together we can build a better future for the Children in Haiti today. Please help us spread the word.












you can ship school supplies (pen, notebooks, pencils, school bags) to this address


Sapate Mission, Haiti

13, Delmas 75

Port-au-Prince Haiti














Of course, we do believe that your prayers can make a difference.  We ask that you pray so that the Lord can help us in our effort to make a difference in the life of those children. Pray for us and for our benefactors.










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