Sapaterre Mission Master Plan

Phase One: School Building

Education is indispensable to success in  Haitian society. We focus in providing the children access to education. The pavilion that is used now accommodates 175 from first grade to the sixth. Without this school those children wouldn’t have access to education. The school that we intend to build will have 8 classrooms. 1bathroom for girls and one for boys. There will a  reception area for the principal and the secretary. We will have wooden desk built in Haiti for the children. There will be a kitchen and a storage area. The estimated cost is $200000.


Phase Two: Solar Power

The second phase will be the solar project. We plan to build a solar energy system strong enough to serve the needs of the people in the area of Sapaterre.


The 13 KW solar energy system that will equipped with a 24 mega batteries and an inverter secure storage room that will enable us to save power for later used. The solar electricity will be used to power a sewing shop,  a community center, a corn grinder, the school, to charge phones and computers. According to the contractor this solar project will cost approximately $150000.


Phase Three: Healthclinic

A small health clinic in Sapaterre will be beneficial for the people. They will have access to some basic care and medication such as a cut, blood pressure, fever and other basic needs. Whenever we have a case that we cannot deal with it on site, we will send the patients to the nearest hospital.


We intend to build a two rooms  Clinic. One room for consultation and the other room as reception area with cabinet to keep records and medication.


We intend to hire a nurse to go there once a week to offer service to the people.


The estimate cost for this project including building the facility and keep it running is 50.000 dollars.